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Core Tray Plastic Impala 1

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Features & Benefits

Grey: Often preferred for photography, also reduces glare
White: Heightens contrast in photography
Black: Ideal for use with high-logger and CoreScan system

White colour ex stock. Grey or Black to manufacture.

All Impala 1 core trays were designed for maximum core storage per tray and its nesting capabilities make it ideal for export.

The Impala core tray has all the obvious benefits of a plastic core tray – No sharp edges, non-magnetic & chemically inert, impervious to sulphide’s, UV stable, non-corroding & very smooth on roller conveyors. Available in high visibility white or trays may also be ordered in black for less glare when photographing the core. A unique nesting design that reduces the freight cost and improves ease of use underground where space is limited. The nesting feature also facilitates improved transportation to site and reduces transit damage particularly in remote locations. The tray has also been designed for pallet stacking where bulk storage is required. When stacking the core tray locates on the core in the tray beneath and there are a range of blocks that may be inserted in the tray, for supporting the tray above, where the core is soft or has been split. (These blocks may also be used as dividers as required)

Design and polypropylene material used create a lightweight nesting core tray that is also very robust. In addition the trays are UV protected, giving longer life in the field. All the major sizes are available – B, N2, H & P in 1000mm for clear 1 meter runs of core – B, N2, H are also available in 800mm lengths for reduced weight. There is also a B 700mm available for underground applications. All Impala 1 core trays were designed for maximum core storage per tray.

Plastic Support Blocks
These are used in the Impala 1 Core Tray.  These not only support the tray above when stacking, but can also be used as dividers.



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